Environmental policy and ISO14001

Environmental policy and ISO14001 certification

Marzocchi Pompe is committed to preventing pollution, to ensure the preservation and protection of the Environment through continuous efforts to improve its environmental performance.


According to this commitment, Marzocchi Pompe aims to:


  • Comply with all applicable laws on environmental protection and meet all other conformity requirements of all interested parties;
  • Distribute to all management levels specific duties to actively monitor and apply the environmental protection standards of law and internal regulations;
  • Steadily reduce environmental impacts adopting as far as possible technical standards, knowledge and advanced technology;
  • Spread within the whole organization a proactive culture over time to adopt safe behaviors and attitudes on environmental protection;
  • Define specific objectives for continuous improvement of the performance of the environmental management system;


To implement the Management System and to guide the improvement we refer to the following principles:


  • Responsibility for the activities is distributed and assigned to the entities with the organizational and decision-making powers to carry out the specific duties; QA Manager will act as coordinator and gather all needed information and will be responsible for the correct application of the system, but not for specific operations;
  • The management system will be appropriate to the organization and focus on the truly relevant environmental aspects;
  • The management system will limit paper documents as much as possible to the benefit of digital information and data management;
  • Staff training for environmental protection activities will be properly programmed and executed;
  • All the staff working on site and all the Partners will need to be properly informed of this Policy and the structure and purpose of the environmental management system.


Our commitment to the respect and care of the Environment in which we operate represent a positive component for the success of our work and, therefore, for the achievement of our goals.

Download our Environmental Policy in pdf: /sites/default/files/Politica.pdf


Last March 2017 our NEPLA plant obtained the ISO 14001 certification whose standard provide guidance on how to consider the various aspects of purchase, storage, distribution, product development, production, etc., In order to reduce as much as possible their environmental impact.

Download ISO14001 certificate here /sites/default/files/ISO%2014001.pdf